An Illuminated Journeys’ pilgrimage brings together participants from around the country in a unique way. They are Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Methodist and many who have no formal religious affiliation. All share a longing for a deeper spiritual life. Here’s what they are saying…

Rita and Brad Berglund have taught me what pilgrimage is all about. It never would have occurred to me that our very lives can be lived as pilgrimage, without the ministry they both so lovingly share.

–Tim from Boston

We recently returned from a pilgrimage with Brad to Northern Spain & El Camino de Santiago. I have to say this this was probably one of the best trips that we have been on for many reasons, mostly due to Brad and his knowledge of the area and all of his advanced planning. While my husband isn’t very religious, he was very moved at times as was I. We thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this journey from the walks, the history of the area, the food & wine, the hotels as well as our whole group and especially our great guide-Brad! Thanks so much and we plan to go on others in the near future.

–Cathy & Tom from Fort Collins, CO

My recent pilgrimage with Illuminated Journeys to Ireland was awe inspiring! I spent time with the real people of Ireland. I saw sights that connected me with the ancient past. I was in touch with the earth as if I were receiving a great, big hug. My traveling companions were all wonderful, caring, interested and interesting people. Brad and Rita say they are “with you on the journey”, and they mean it. They create an environment where everyone supports and cherishes each other. If you are blessed with the opportunity to travel with Illuminated Journeys, take it!

–Karin from Providence, RI

I traveled with Illuminated Journeys to Taize, France. Our pilgrimage was a perfect mix of seeing the sites, eating wonderful food, and meaningful, spiritual experiences in sacred places that were often ‘off the map’. Brad’s personal relationships with local experts adds such a wonderful exposure to the local culture that I would normally not have experienced as a tourist.

–Brianna from Denver

I have made four pilgrimage journeys with Brad and Rita and would give Illuminated Journeys a 10 Star rating, if there were such a thing. Brad and Rita are able to establish a profound sense of community with one’s fellow pilgrims right away which adds to the depth and dimension of an already very rich experience. I love traveling with Brad and Rita and look forward to my next adventure with them to Andalusia in 2017!

–Sally from Denver

I journeyed with Brad and 15 other pilgrims on the historic Camino de Santiago in October 2016. Evocative landscapes, wonderful meals and a masterful spiritual guide makes Illuminated Journeys a truly one of a kind adventure. I cannot recommend Brad more highly … 5 stars is an inadequate measure.

–Connie and Fred from Indianapolis

This pilgrimage was the best spiritual experience I’ve ever had.

–Neil, a retired priest from Ohio

This journey far exceeded my expectations. The further we get from the journey itself the more precious it becomes, and the greater appreciation I have for how well integrated our whole time in Ireland was. Brad and Rita have done an unbelievable job. We also highly value both of them for the depth of maturity, professionalism and experience they brought to this pilgrimage.

–Fr. Jim, a hospital Chaplain from San Diego

Now that I’ve travelled with Rita and Brad, the way I travel has forever changed.

–Carol, a pastor from Chicago

This is the most outstanding experience of Ireland I’ve ever had.

–Martha, a frequent visitor to Ireland from Denver

If you ever have the opportunity, come to Ireland with the Berglunds and their wonderful Illuminated Journeys. My fellow sojourners and I have grown close to each other, to Ireland and her history, saints, Guinness, and to the wonders and shadows within ourselves.

–LaVonne, a recent seminary graduate from Denver

This tour is a wonderful blend of faith, Irish history and culture, and scenic Ireland. The combination of these 3 dimensions coupled with knowledgeable guides, made for an unforgettable journey to the Emerald Isle.

–Sister Joan from Philadelphia, PA

This pilgrimage was truly one of the best experiences of my life – certainly one of the most meaningful and profound. Thanks to Brad and Rita for their guidance and encouragement to seek insight from all that we saw and learned.

–Judy from Denver, CO

Entering the Celtic Pilgrimage deeply: seeing, touching and savoring the sacredness of holy places deepened my understanding of who I am as the daughter of Irish immigrants. This experience has been profoundly moving for me – a holy longing has been met. I have experienced illumination and return to the US a stronger, deeper Irish American woman.

–Sister Maureen from Boston

This pilgrimage was truly a journey into the mysterious ways God has worked in and through the Irish people. I felt the depth and energy of saints who have walked the spiritual path over the centuries. Our guides were terrific!

–Carol from Englewood, CO

Our pilgrimage was beautifully planned. I was exposed to new ideas and challenged to expand old ones. The enthusiasm of our leaders was contagious.

Anne from Littleton, CO

This pilgrimage was a spiritual awakening.

Fred from Littleton, CO

Our pilgrimage was an informative and enriching way to experience the sacred pre-Christian and Christian sites of Ireland. We journeyed together in respect and faith.

Sister Susan from St. Paul, MN

My spirit was nourished beyond expectation on this well-planned journey. New and forgotten history combined with Celtic sites, songs, stories and new friends created an experience that has touched me in an unforgettable way. Thank you, Brad and Rita, for all the time and love you put into this pilgrimage.

–Carol from Chicago

This pilgrimage was informative and engaging. Seeing where early Christians lived and worshipped was eye opening – real people in real places at worship and work.

–John from Englewood, CO

A wonderful opportunity to touch into thousands of years of Irish spirituality and culture…the Irish are a gift for all time.

–Sister Virginia from St. Paul, MN

This pilgrimage was a most unique experience, a true spiritual journey. Even though I have visited Ireland before as well as many other countries this trip touched me in a deeper way and gave me fresh insight into myself.

–Grace from Castle Rock, CO

The cumulative impact of experiences gave me a feeling for the roots of Celtic spirituality and the differences between that and Benedictine, Franciscan spirituality. Excellent planning!

–Jim from Castle Rock, CO

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