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These Mandalas were created by Deana Schneider. Deana has travelled with us many times.

The image above reminds me that the different aspects of my life and the world around me - good and bad, light and dark, pleasing and painful - when visualized together as a whole, join together in deep joy and mystery. Love is the seed of all that grows. 













This image was created in the midst of a meditation called "Remembering who you are". During the meditation, the participants return to the divine womb and then experience the creation of the universe and all that is within it.  The Word is given.  Creation begins.  Light spreads through it connecting everything in it, like a never-ending web.  This image is an expression of my soul at that moment!


The process used in creating these images was developed by Dr. Judith Cornell.  Deana Schneider has studied with her and has her blessing to teach her method.  Deana teaches out of her home on a regular basis.  She also teaches mandala creation on Illuminated Journeys tours as a way to journal your experiences through art.

Don't worry about your artistic ability. It's not an art project as much as a tool to reveal the beauty of the images we have gathered in our hearts.  Frequently these images open to us some of the mystery of ourselves.












This is a "threshold mandala." Our soul is filled with places of entrance and exit. The invitation is always there to step through these "thin places" into new dimensions of our own mystery. 

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